Life at Brenwood Park

A Place To Call Home

All of our exceptional staff members work together to create a home that is warm and inviting. We hope you’ll also notice the pride and care we take in keeping everything sparkling clean. We want you to know that this is someplace special and we’ll do our best to help you feel that way, every day.

"Every one here at Brenwood Park is so nice and very helpful. If you need help they are always there to assist you."

Community Amenities

Home-Style Dining

We have home-style dining here — meaning meals are prepared in reflection to your preferences. Comfort food and local favorites are often served, as chosen by our residents. A member of our care staff will give you entrees to choose from for lunch and dinner. If you would like something other than the entrees prepared for that meal, soups and sandwiches are always available. Suggestions are always welcome and we can incorporate your favorite dishes into our menu.

We believe that our fresh ingredients and attention to details — such as not only how meals taste, but also appealing plate appearances and attentiveness to your food preferences — are the kinds of things that set us apart from other places. Healthy dining plans, customized menus, and resident choice create resident satisfaction. Aside from the quality meals that our cooks prepare here at the Brenwood Park Assisted Living, we also have suggestion mailbox, outside the administrator office, where residents can make requests or leave comments about the food and dining service.